1. Diagnosis and Treatment planning
The most important and crucial step prior to initiating the treatment procedure. 
We at " yours dentally" believe in complete analysis of the patients chief compliant and diagnosing the cause of the problem. Once the problem is identified the various treatment options available are clearly explained to the patient with the pros and cons of each. 
The treatment procedure is then initiated with the consent of the patient.

2 Scaling and polishing
Professional teeth cleaning / scaling is a procedure done to remove deposits / stains on the teeth using ultrasonic’s. This procedure is followed by polishing of teeth, which is done to smoothen the surface of the teeth. Scaling is recommended yearly once / 10 months once depending on the oral hygiene of the patient.

3. Direct or indirect restorations
Teeth affected by decay needs to be restored to its original form and function. When the cavity involves only the enamel or dentine without pulpal involvement the decay can be removed and the cavity restored with one of the many available materials

4 laminates / veneers
Laminates or veneers are artificially fabricated thin ceramic substitutes that are cemented on to the labial(front surface) surface of the prepared or unprepared teeth to camouflage the existing discoloration or to correct mild spaces between teeth.
Laminates though a cosmetic procedure is many times indicated as a therapeutic option to prevent damage to the enamel in existing eroded teeth.
Laminates can also be a highly conservative treatment modality for correction of discolored or mal aligned teeth.

5 Root Canal treatments
Simple and effective method to save a tooth from extraction. Root canal treatments are either single or multi visit procedures.
Root canal treatment is generally done under local anesthesia to treat a decayed tooth, which has breached the protective layers of teeth and has gone to involve the pulp of the teeth. Crowns are advocated post the root canal treatment, the choice of the pots and crowns are many and we will help you in choosing the right one for you.

6. Minor Oral surgical procedures
Dentistry involves treatment of not just teeth but also involves in the diagnosis and treatment of pathology associated with the perioral tissues and facial structures. Minor surgical procedures can be safely and effectively performed under local anesthesia in the comfort of the dental office by skilled oral and maxillo facial surgeon.

7 Dentures
Dentures are artificially lab-processed teeth which is given to patient as a replacement of all or few missing teeth.
Types of dentures are many and your dentist would recommend the one most suitable for u.

8 Implants
Implants are titanium based screws available in various sizes. Implant procedure is done to replace a missing tooth or teeth fixedly without damaging the adjacent teeth.
Implant dentistry is a highly specialized branch which has evolved to a greater degree in the last decade with improvisations being made every year.
Contact us to know more on IMPLANT DENTISTRY

9 Crowns and Bridges
Crowns are supra structure given for a tooth, which has been root canal, treated or attired (causing sensitivity). Bridge is a fixed method of replacing missing teeth by taking support from the adjacent teeth.

10 Bleaching / teeth whitening
"you are 30 min away from a bright smile" Bleaching of teeth is a process of teeth brightening using a gel on the teeth which is activated by a particular wavelength of light for a stipulated amount of time We are one of the few clinics in india using advanced "beyond polus" teeth whitening unit. ( courtesy - beyond polus web site)

11 Orthodontic treatment
Smile confidently! Management of mal-aligned or irregular teeth is done using metal or ceramic braces. Invisible orthodontics is also available for cosmetically conscious patients. Speak to your orthodontist today regarding

12 Pediatric dentistry
American academy of pediatric dentist recommends that you establish a family dentist for your child from the age of 1! "A stitch in time saves nine"- many understate preventive dentistry but we believe in identifying the problem at the initial stage and treating it to avoid more extensive procedures later on.

13 Conscious sedation
Content for Conscious sedation Anxiety, fear for unknown is very common in the generation population pertaining to dental treatment.
"Do u get stressed out before your appointment with the dentist?"
"Do you hate the sound of drills and other equipments in the dentist office?
"Have you been postponing your appointment with the dentist because you are scared?"
if YES then there is a simple solution for this fear. speak to your dentist about CONCIOUS SEDATION.

14 Complete mouth rehabilitation
Geriatric or pediatric ,dental pathology is on the increase. Complete mouth rehabilitation involves indentifying or diagnosing all the problems with respect to the teeth and its supporting structures and treating the same.
Complete mouth rehabilitation usually includes restorations, scaling, gum treatments if necessary and replacement of missing teeth.

15 Laser dentistry
The most recent technological and procedural innovation in dentistry is the introduction of " lasers" in this ever-evolving field of medicine. Laser per se is not new in the field of medicine but its impact on dental specialty was underrated till a decade back when scientific research and studies brought to light the usefulness of this tool.
Today dentist worldwide have accepted and acknowledged the significance of this wonder beam and many today offer dental treatments with lasers at their office.
We at " yours dentally" proudly proclaim the use of the most advanced laser system in the world - the nd yag hard tissue laser.
Advantages of laser assisted procedure,
  • Less pain
  • Faster healing of soft tissues
  • Elimination of local anesthesia in many procedures
  • Sterilization
  • Less inflammation and postoperative swelling in surgeries
  • Less bleeding due to coagulation property of laser
  • Decrease number of treatment sittings
  • Patient compliance is better due to pleasant treatment experience.

16 Oral hygiene counselling and habit breaking appliances
We believe in not just treating the patient but also in educating them with oral hygiene Maintenance and protocols.
Healthy smile reflects confidence and boosts general health.
Counselling the patient with the correct brushing technique , use of mouth wash, teaching them the non injurious way of flossing and stressing the importance of regular dental check up are all part of our customized oral hygiene sessions.
"Habits die hard" Funny, cute, amusing habits of toddlers can become permanent and result in damage to the oral dentition and peri oral structures.
Most common habits like thumb sucking , tongue thrusting , nail biting, mouth breathing can all become long term habits and cause problems at various levels of tooth development and eruption.
Intercepting the habit through counseling, picture demonstrations and tell show do techniques may sometimes not yield results as expected. Such strong habits can be handles through simple painless yet effective appliances.
Speak to your dentist regarding your worry about your child's habits.

Faster healing of soft tissues


We at "Yours dentally" believe