Dentistry, is a branch of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases or disorders affecting the teeth, its supporting structures, perioral tissues and the facial structures.

The earliest history of treating teeth dates back to the indus civilization around 7000 years back.

Dentistry has undergone humongus changes over the past 10 decades and has evolved as a highly specialized branch of medicine with 8 super specialities to its credit. Dentists of today are not skilled to just treat the problems but are trained to bring about a holistic approach to maintaining good oral health.

Having been considered as the most painful of all treatments, latest advancements in techniques, instruments and materials have enabled the dentist to perform procedures with high precision, accuracy and with minimal and often negligible patient discomfort.

Good oral health is a predominant precursor to good general health.

Keep your mouth healthy.

Faster healing of soft tissues


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