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The most recent technological and procedural innovation in dentistry is the introduction of " lasers" in this ever evolving field of medicine.

Laser per se is not new in the field of medicine but its impact on dental speciality was underrated till a decade back when scientific research and studies brought to light the usefulness of this tool.

Today dentist world wide have accepted and acknowledged the significance of this wonder beam and many today offer dental treatments with lasers at their office.

We at " yours dentally" proudly proclaim the use of the most advanced laser system in the world - the ND YAG hard tissue laser.

Advantages of laser assisted procedure
  • less pain
  • faster healing of soft tissues
  • elimination of local anaesthesia in many procedures
  • sterilisation
  • less inflammation and post operative swelling in surgeries
  • less bleeding due to coagulation property of laser
  • decrease number of treatment sittings
  • patient compliance is better due to pleasant treatment experience

Faster healing of soft tissues


We at "Yours dentally" believe