1. Single visit laser root canal treatment
Single visit root canal procedure is a reality now with advancements in the field of endodontic. Your dentist will be the best judge to decide on the feasibility and success of single visit root canal therapy for your tooth.
Latest rotary equipments, availability of latest advanced obturating systems with laser assisted root canal sterilization are the most prominent and salient aspect of single visit root canal therapy at " yours dentally"

2 Dentistry with conscious sedation
Content for Conscious sedation Anxiety, fear for unknown is very common in the generation population pertaining to dental treatment.
"Do u get stressed out before your appointment with the dentist?" "Do you hate the sound of drills and other equipments in the dentist office? "Have you been postponing your appointment with the dentist because you are scared?" If YES then there is a simple solution for this fear. Speak to your dentist about CONCIOUS SEDATION.

3. Esthetic dentistry
Esthetic or cosmetic dentistry is a complex specialty requiring not just a highly Skilled but an immensely creative mind to create subtle yet profound changes to the teeth and smile making them more striking and pleasant.
Esthetic dentistry includes
  • Teeth brightening
  • Correcting single tooth mal alignments without braces
  • Closure of offending, unhealthy and ugly spaces
  • Gum de pigmentation
  • Gum line / gum re contouring
  • Inconspicuous camouflaged restoration
4 Implant dentistry
Implants are titanium-based screws available in various sizes. Implant procedure is done to replace a missing tooth or teeth fixedly without damaging the adjacent teeth.
Implant dentistry is a highly specialized branch, which has evolved to a greater degree in the last decade with improvisations being made every year.

5 Atraumatic extractions
Extraction of teeth creates phobia, nervousness for many. Extraction of teeth was always looked upon as a gruesome, painful procedure.
At " yours dentally" extractions are performed meticulously and diligently with the use of high-end electronic and ultrasonic equipments causing trouble free tooth removal with agreeable patient compliance.

6. Advanced gum treatments
Gums are the supporting structures of the teeth. A healthy gum is a prerequisite for a healthy dentition.
Pathology associated with gums can range from mild redness and bleeding of gums during brushing to more severe forms including spontaneous bleeding, abscess formation, swelling and loosening of the teeth.
Early gum diseases can be treated by thorough supra and subgingival scaling but chronic and advanced gum pathology requires efficient gum treatments which may include curettage, root planning and flap surgery.
We at " yours dentally" routinely use lasers for the treatment of gum problems as it is highly precise, efficient with negligible pain or patient discomfort.

Faster healing of soft tissues


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